Be the center of the universe, finally, for real. Fire sunlight to planets and grow your universe to an unmanagable size. Then watch as it shrinks back to you. Placed at Fukishima Game Jam 2016. The theme of the jam was Distance (Be patient, this takes a few minutes to load, and only has a white screen).

Cannibal's Ritual: Mac or Windows!

Does this taste funny to you? For 2 to 32 players on one keyboard -- each player chooses a button, and the ritual starts. Every round the player that looks least like the God in the center is eaten! Can you be the last surviving dancer? Takes about 15 seconds to play for every player in it. Made for the 2016 Global Game Jam in Kaohsiung.

Voxel game test.

Click the camera button to switch camera styles, or use the arrow keys to move around the grid. Voxel art by BaiBai. Just a proof of concept test.

Cookie Cats

Don't let those cats down...use the mouse to pet and feed them. Five rounds of tremendous cuteness. Are you fast enough to break 100 points? Also on the iOS app store, for iPads.

Cute Band

Mix your own chiptune music using four pixelated instruments! Click on the characters to select a track, or click the record button to bust out with your own beat! You can play the instrument by clicking on the pixelated instrument panel on the left. Also includes a voice recording module, in case you care to box the beat.

Design-it-yourself Break Out

In December of 2014, some friends and I gave a presentation on juicy game design at I-Shou international high school. Bring the mouse to the upper-left-hand-corner of the screen to bring out the customisation panel we used to show how the gameplay can get more 'juicy' as you add in more features.


My team's Fukishima Kimu Game Jam, 2014 entry. Poop and fear are your greatest weapons. 2-4 players on one keyboard. Inquire within.

Hamburger Heaven!

Rene Zwaan is the. only. man. who can begin the burgerpocalypse. On his birthday. Get over 90% burger integrity to activate hyper classical mode.

Fishing Game Mechanic

Not really a game -- but a demo of a fishing mechanic. My grandfather used to say, there's a reason it's not called 'catching'.

Mandrakes In My Garden

Spookalicious gardening mayhem. This was an entry into Indie Speed Run 2013, and was themed around confusion. It didn't place, but got 4.76 out of 5 stars! My friend Abby got 64 points. Can you do better?

Ping Pong With Dad

A birthday present that got out of control. Use the mouse to play, and click to serve/raise the paddle to hit high balls. You should probably play against Meemee first. Just saying.


An educational game that teaches Chinese numbers from 1 to 99. For low-rollers.

Juicy Juicy!

Fruity death action for up to 800 players on one keyboard! See the placard in-game for instructions. Completed in 48 hours for the KIMU Fukushima Game Jam in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (where it placed second!)

Tone Fu

Kick and eat your Chinese language skills into shape! Instructions inside. Mouse use only. Reviewed on IndieGames and ChineseHacks! Yay for press. Download Mac or PC (less than 10 MB), or check out the beautifully composed release notes. A collaboration with Chinese Tipster.

Super Kaohsiung Volleyball

Two-player Taiwan action! Instructions inside. Use the arrow keys for player one. WASD for player two!

The Kitchen

You're a kitty! Can you get to the window, and spy on peoples' conversations? WASD, Mouse, and Space Bar to control.


An AS3 project which tells a random pixelated story based on arrow input. Type 1-6 to select a story. The screen will be white while it loads! Also, press M for some musics.


Ephemera (Mac) (Windows) (318 MB)

A maze inside a human brain. The AIM 2011 Group Project. Windows download only.


Miaohong Master (Windows) (53 MB)
Teaches Chinese calligraphy! My major project, currently in .52 beta. Windows download only, Mac version coming soon. Read the readme included with the download for more information on how to play and not get frustrated!

Jormungandr (Windows) (42 MB)
Cooperative viking glorymandering! Made for the IGDA Melbourne GameJam, 2012.

(All games on this page are Copyright 2012, so don't try nothin' fancy.)

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